DEDE PRIEST grew up in Texas, raised by her hard-working, young mother.  As a little girl, she would write songs and sing along to whatever she could find.  In addition to singing, she studied classical violin as a child (often holding it and strumming it like a guitar).  After years of performing primarily as a vocalist, she would later make the transition to singing and performing with her violin and guitar.  This new direction would shape her overall talent and bring the deepest satisfaction.
Moving to Austin, Texas after high school to attend the University of Texas, Dede Priest earned a degree in Philosophy, then followed her heart and let the music lead. In Austin, Texas, a thriving live music haven, she began singing professionally. Brandishing vocals rooted in the raw-ness of the Texas Blues and Gospel traditions, Dede Priest was pinned early on as a “Modern Day Blues Queen”.  Later, she began gaining wider international recognition for her powerful delivery of a unique style that crosses lines and “turns Blues, Soul, and Jazz inside out”.  She has shared the stage with Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Leon Russell, Tommy Shannon (Double Trouble), and Harry Belafonte, among others. 

In 2011, Dede Priest released "KINKY AT THE ROOT", an honest and deeply personal portrait, and a well-received follow-up to her previous CD jewel, "CANDY MOON" (2007), which also received exceptional reviews.

In 2013 - 2015, with TANGLED EYE, Dede Priest moved in a different artistic direction which allowed her to sing and play her violin.  Raw and simple with a deep love for American Roots Music, Tangled Eye was a unique line-up of musicians with broad taste and an open-minded approach that allowed many musical influences to shine through.  Tangled Eye's song "Jesus, I'm Calling You" ("Dream Wall" Album, Black & Tan Records) was used in the HBO Television Series "The Leftovers", hitting #2 in USA & UK I-Tunes Charts.  A second original song, "I Am" (The Other Seven Songs Album, Black & Tan Records), was used in the television series "Queen Sugar", Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN.  A third original song, “Nilas” ("Dream Wall" Album, Black & Tan Records), was used in the USA History Channel TV series "Six".  A fourth original song, "Call Before You Come" ("The Other 7 Songs" Album, Black & Tan Records), was used in the SYFY Resident Alien series.

The pleasure of singing and performing with her violin led Dede Priest to add her guitar to the mix.  In her collaboration with JOHNNY CLARK'S OUTLAWS, she is doing what she loves most: painting with all three instruments.  DEDE PRIEST & JOHNNY CLARK'S OUTLAWS have built an international name through years of relentless touring and steadfast publication of original roots music.  (See Full Discography and Reviews.)  Crossing genres, they have developed a unique and recognizable sound that blends Rock, Soul, Blues, Gospel, Folk and Country.  Their high-energy performances deliver a loaded atmosphere, and audiences are moved by their honest and straight-forward interaction.  "If you are a sucker for energy driven Rock, Blues, Indie Rock, a dash of Funk and Country fronted by a Texan woman who has a mesmerizing and haunting voice, have I got a band for you ...This is a match truly made in music heaven ...Their songs reek of originality in both lyrics and musical attack ... This band is simply amazing ... The energy they deliver with just four musicians is beyond what words can describe …" BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE, USA

International performances:  USA, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Denmark, Romania, Poland, and Sweden, including prestigious events such as Martin Luther King Keynote – Austin, Texas, Rhythm & Blues Night Oosterpoort - The Netherlands, Belgium Rhythm & Blues - Peer, Simply Blues Viana - Portugal, Trasimeno Blues Festival – Italy, to name a few.  International radio and television airplay:  BBC Radio, HBO, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), USA History Channel, among others.  Television broadcasts and live performances:  Vrije Geluiden (The Netherlands) and Hamburg Sounds (Germany).